Understanding Precincts, Districts and More

House Districts & Precincts

HD 38 is made up of 67 Precincts in Arapahoe County.

House Districts are created by the State of Colorado to divide the state for representation for the House of Representatives for the Colorado General Assembly.

The 65 House districts are then further divided into precincts for election management.

By law, the Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder’s Office is responsible for updating the countywide precinct map to ensure that no precinct exceeds 1,500 active voters, or up to 2,000 active voters with Board of County Commissioner approval. The number of active voters comes from Colorado Secretary of State’s SCORE voter registration database. Each precinct must fall entirely within the boundaries of legislative districts and follow natural and artificial boundaries.

Precincts and Political Parties

Political parties organize around precincts to run their caucuses and primaries as well as to organize voting efforts and manage elections.

A PCP, or Precinct Committee Person, is the representative of the Democratic Party in your neighborhood. PCPs are elected at the precinct caucus and serve a two-year term. PCPs can also be appointed by the Chair with the advice of the Sub-District Captain and Co-Captain to fill a vacancy. Learn more here.

House District 38 works to ensure that we have a PCP for each district. It also appoints Group Captains that report and coordinate 10 precincts. Group Captains help PCPs in their group to do community outreach and election management.

HD38 PCP List can be found here.

What about Senate Districts?

Just like the state is divided into House Districts, we also have 35 Senate Districts that provide representation in the Colorado Senate. HD38 is served by two - Senate District 26 (Jeff Bridges-D) and District 27 (Jack Tate - R). Since House Districts and their Precincts represent the smallest areas, political parties organize at that level for leadership instead of the senate districts. However, PCPs are very important to Senate Districts. In our party, PCPs serve on vacancy committees and help organize election efforts for Senate candidates.